“We  offer industrial cleaning solutions that combine tradition and technological progress, guaranteeing safety, simplicity and social responsibility, through respect for surfaces, people and the environment”.

From this idea over twenty years ago, in 1995, the project to produce and sell machines for cleaning surfaces with sodium bicarbonate took shape.

After years of research and development, in 2002 BICARjet® was born in synergy with the worldwide  chemical group SOLVAY, the first producer of sodium bicarbonate, present in 50 countries.

Thanks to the skills developed over the years and the technical features of sodium bicarbonate, such as efficacy, safety and biocompatibility, in 2010 we developped a new project directed to the cleaning of surgical instruments.

After two years of testing and analysis at the University of Padua and based on the results achieved,  we decided to carry on a new revolutionary application of BICARjet® technology.

The internal research and development team, combining specific skills and experiences, after 8 years completes the demanding project, thanks also to the involvement and support of hospitals and qualified external operators. Thus was born BICARmed®, the new business division of BICARjet® dedicated to the medical world.

Today BICARmed® is a consolidated and structured reality, with a specific production department and a competent technical support team.

BICARmed®, owner of several patents, offers on the worldwide  market the brand new and revolutionary pre-washing technology of surgical instruments and reusable medical devices, guaranteeing a great technical result, with highly relevant indirect economic advantages.

BICARmed® is present in Europe through a rapidly developing network of distributors, in North America with its production site in Chicago and with a development project in Asia, a remarkable and forthcoming growing market.

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